My Projects

This is a list of all the random stuff I'm working on.

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Automatically remove browsing history based on what's on the page! Never enter Private Browsing again! Stay logged in while still not leaving interesting history!

DynamicHistory scans pages when loaded for user-specified restricted keywords and removes any pages containing them from the history. DynamicHistory can also blacklist and whitelist domains from your history.

DynamicHistory also notifies you when you are on a page that will not be stored in your browsing history.

P.S. DynamicHistory will not remove pages from the "Recent Pages/Tabs" list in your browser so make sure to visit some legit websites after you are done!

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Skype that runs in the background on Chrome. Receive messages from your friends without even having Chrome open!

ChromeSkype is an excellent alternative to Desktop Skype.

Video and audio calls may or may not work, leave a comment telling me if they work or not and I will try my best to fix it (calls are guaranteed to not work on Linux).

- Notification support
- Runs in background invisibly (even while Chrome is closed!)
- Instant startup
- Resizable native window
- Uses the familiar Skype Web interface
- Lightweight (uses less memory than Desktop Skype!)

I made this when I got pissed off that the videos I downloaded off of when I wanted to listen to anime tunes offline were taking up 2 GB space on my phone. So here is a quick web-app I made in 3 days that hosts a MP3 copy of every video on It's not-4-cash which means no ads and crap like that. The source code is partially available in Github. The app and all the files are hosted on Openshift by abusing on 3 free gears.

StubIt! is a simple program to generate stubbed versions of Java source code. This is useful for testing and generating APIs.

SpeedCD is a CLI program that allows you to navigate any filesystem at the speed of light! SpeedCD provides a GUI for navigating directories in the terminal so you can browse through folders quickly and intuitively.

Host your files on multiple servers while providing users a single entry point into the network along with combined directory listing.

WebLinkedServer allows you to distribute your files across multiple servers (useful if your disk space on each server is very low) and serve them all from one server. Give WebLinkedServer a list of servers and it will redirect any file requests to it to the server where the file resides on. It also provides a combined directory listing of all the files on all the servers.

A simple java program to apply IDA .diff files to any file.

CollectionsFactory allows programs to share the same source code but use different collections based on the specific needs of the application and the platform it is running on.

Spektrum screenshot

A (pretty good looking) HTML5 spectrum!

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I've some translations when I've felt bored and I hope they will be useful to someone.